A Good Day at the Car Shop
Guisel, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

It was a warm summer morning when my sister and I decided to go to Oakland to help my brother-in–law at his car shop. When we arrived, we saw that he was super busy. He asked us to supervise both of his cashiers: this wasn’t easy. He fixes cars and he sells car supplies. Although there were loud car engines, I was still able to hear the humming birds chirping which made my day. There were also cats chasing one another. I was happy to be there, even if it smelled a little like gas.

I was wearing a pink jacket, bleached out jeans, and black and white shoes. My hair is long, so it can only be maintained once it is put up in a ponytail. My eyes are dark brown. Once we got to the cashiers, there were three people in line, and we got right to work. I had to be with a tall palm tree and he had a little girl that was as small as a little rabbit. She just liked to grab every little thing around the shop. The guy had a lot of car supplies and what he had did cost a lot of money. I spent a lot of time on this person. He was so patient. “Next,” my sister shouted.

I whispered to her, “Help me. I am taking forever with this guy”

“No, you are almost done with him.”


I continued with this customer. "Thanks for coming," I said to him once I was finished. We were all so hungry, but we were all so busy we couldn’t even take our eyes off all of the customers. We decided to call my mom and see if she could bring us some food, and then we told her they were going to pay her back. However she said not to worry, she would pay for everything.

“Thank you so much,” my brother-in-law told her.

“No problem, it’s the least I can do. You always make my daughter happy,” my mother replied. The daughter she was talking about was my sister, who was married to him.
Once my mom got there, we all went towards the food. My mom said, “May I help?”

“No, we have enough people to help here.”

“Okay, but if you need anything else just call me.”

We got right to work and everybody was eating. My sister was eating as fast as a cheetah and I was eating like I’d never eaten before. Everybody laughed at my brother-in-law as he dropped all of his tools. Good thing none of them were fragile.
“Thanks for helping,” my brother-in-law said when our little job was over. Instead of paying us for the day's work, he rewarded us with an all-you-can-eat dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant. When dinner was over, I went home to go to bed. Once my head touched the super soft pillow, I went right to sleep.

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