Monument for the Mariners
Aaron, Age 13, Buckingham, PA

The music pumped us up… bursting our 1st grade ear drums. I noticed cameras flashing, kids screaming, waiting for the game to start. Harshly, the sun was beating down on Safeco Field, making trickles of sweat drip down our head. Energized, the players took the field, and kids shouted, adults stomping for their Mariners. The players tossed the ball, waiting to start.

“Aaron, wanna get some cotton candy?” Michael asked. My stomach was grumbling. I was so hungry, I hadn’t eaten in forever.

I asked, “Dad, may I?”

“Sure,” he replied with a chuckle, slowly getting out of his seat. As our dads got out of their seats, we were already hopping up the stairs like kangaroos.

We ate our blue fluff with pleasure as the game started. The Mariners were up to bat. BOOM! Double!

After that, the Red Sox got three straight outs. The Mariners took the field, taking their positions. I asked, “Dad, I wonder if I’ll ever catch a foul ball?”

He just smiled and took a bite of my cotton candy. The Red Sox cracked a ball to right field! It was a three deck homer. They were up now 1-0. Boos hissed, some cheered. I despised the Red Sox in so many ways. There were three more outs, and then the Mariners got up to bat. Ichiro Suzuki hit a foul ball up to our level. Michael reached for it but couldn’t get it. As we sat in disappointment, my dad pointed to the ball up in the air! Ichiro hit a homerun! It was a three run homer to put the Mariners up 3-1.
In the top of the 9th inning, the Red Sox were hungry for a win. The Mariners pitched…

“Strike 1!” the Umpire yelled.

The pitcher pitched again…

“Ball.” The umpire bellowed, a fierce scream, which silenced the crowd, so just breathing could be heard.

They pitched again… The umpire said nothing because the ball was in the air. A pop fly. Raul Ibanez caught it for the first out. There were copious amount of chants and calls. I wondered if I could start a chant? I screamed, “Let’s go Mariners…LET’S GO!!!” Michael joined me, soon everyone else did too. There was a hit to short stop. They got it and threw it to first. Fans started to chant louder; the chants were cacophonous, but they gave the Mariners momentum.

The pitcher threw the pitch…

“Strike 1!” the umpire signalled.

Michael and I screamed, “LET’S GO MARINERS…LET’S GO!!!”

The pitcher threw the ball again…”Strike 2,” the umpire signalled again.

The pitcher threw it again…

“Ball!” the umpire bellowed.

“That took a lot of the momentum away,” my dad said.

The pitcher threw a 98 mph fast ball.

“STRIKE 3!!!!!” the umpire bellowed. Everyone went nuts, jumping out of their seats.  The Mariners won 3-1.

“Aaron, that was lots of fun!” Michael said with enjoyment.

“I know. Thanks a lot, Dad,” I said. In that moment, I realized that friendship lasts forever. On the way home, the music pumped us up even more.

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