Outer Banks Forever
Danny, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

The sun beamed at us, high in the sky, as I glided past my familyís umbrella. My skim board fell out from under me, as a vicious wave took out my legs. Arms flapping, I gently landed on the ground, with a soft thud, but the sand cushioned my fall. I was my fine. Smiling, I walked back to my white and plaid beach towel to eat some sandy sandwiches.
As I finished up, I wiped my mouth, and heard the screech of a seagull. Giggling, my little brother was throwing bread out to the seagull. I smiled. It was our final day in the Outer Banks, and I never wanted to leave. My sister asked if I wanted to play some badminton. Of course I did.

Crawling out of the shade that our umbrella provided, I grabbed a paddle and drew the boundary lines for our game.

We played till the sun was low along the horizon. Flying, jumping, and cheering, it was a great time. Little horseshoe crabs skittered across the pale white sandy floor. The incessant ocean (which had vanquished my sandcastle) calmed us and kept us at ease. My sister whacked the birdie high into cotton candy blue sky; I ran and jumped, completely missing the birdie. I landed on the ground and just laughed. The birdie was lying on the ground next to me, in the tan sand, which was my bed, and the water, my blanket, providing comfort for me. I lay there for what seemed like forever, for what I wished was forever.

After one more game of badminton, I went to skim board a few last times. Legs zipping, I ran. As the twinkling water touched my sand covered toes, I swiftly dropped my board down. I jumped on quickly and glided. I was one with the tide now, slowly descending into the pit of darkness which was the sea but racing forward still. The sun blinked and twinkled on my board, full of striped designs. The wind blew my sandy hair back, and rushed at my sunburnt face. The sun created a red fire in the sky, much like the fire we had created a few nights before on the beach. I didnít see why we couldnít stay there longer. The water started to trickle onto my striped board, and soon after, I hit a wave, went flying through the salty air, and landed, arms balancing, on my board. Then a huge elusive wave came and pushed me over. I dragged my tired body up to my beach towel. It was practically dark now. I lay down and watched the stars come out ever so slowly.

Thinking back on our trip I lay there. I wished that moment would have never ended. I wish that we could have stayed in the Outer Banks forever.

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