In the Park
Viviana, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

It was a hot summer morning when my mom decided to go to the park. I saw my mom telling us that we were going to the park with my cousins. Then, I saw my sisters getting ready to go and have fun at the park. I could hear my dad waking up. “Let’s go and get ready, we have twenty minutes,” he said. I felt so happy because we were going to the park with my family.

She is my little cousin. She is three years old and skinny. Her color of hair is kind of hazelnut. She was wearing a colorful flowered dress that looked like the flowers from the park that look so beautiful. “Can we go play in the playground?” she asked her mom.

Her mom replied, “Yes, you can go have some fun.”

“Yes, we will”

My cousin’s mom said, “Be careful!”

“Ok, but we are going to have so much fun.”

“Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen.”

I saw more kids in the playground running around. Then I saw my little cousin having so much fun. I could hear my mom telling us to go eat something. I was so hot that I felt like I was going to burn my skin in the hot sun. I was so happy; I had a giant smile in my mind. Although I was having fun, I was sad because my cousin fell off the monkey bars from the playground, and her mom had said, “Take care of her,” and we did not.

My aunty, she is thirty-five years old. She did not want to go with us and take care of us in the playground. Her long hair looks like a long rope. She was wearing some jeans and a colorful shirt. She seemed to be saying that she was tired. Although she wanted to go, we were staying and having more fun.

I saw all kids playing in the sand; then there were people in the ocean. Then I could hear everyone talking and yelling. It was so hot that I could not stand it anymore. I felt like going home, but we stayed in the park more.

“Mom, can we get some ice cream?”

My mom replied, "Just wait.”

“But the man is going to leave.”

“My mom told me, ‘Let's go then.’”

My uncle is thirty-nine years old. His color of hair is black; his skin is light brown. His eyes are brown like his hair. He was wearing some black shorts and a white shirt. He seemed to be saying, “Let's go and have more fun and get in a vote, but it has to be big.” Although we voted to go swimming, we didn’t have time.

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