Summer Time Fun
Sheyloni, Age 12, San Pablo, CA
                      Summer, summer, summer is here!
School is far behind and gone
With the fun and excitement
To be with your friends and bond

The sun shines bright in the sky
The sky so clear and bright blue
My friends and I play
With friendships so true

Playing with squirt guns
Swimming in the pool
Sun rays hit us like lasers
Go into the shade to keep cool

Hearing joy as others play their games
Keeps summer fun and alive
You can go to the park with swings so high
Or to the beach with giant and blue tides

Summer, the key to having such fun
If you have fun it will be the best summer ever
Sadly summer never last too long
But what stays with you is fun fever

You can have fun in school
By meeting brand new friends
Because luckily there is
Friendship that never ends

So no matter what the day,
Weather of the bay
You can always have fun
And have your own summer day.
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