The Two Caring Animals
Faizaan, Age 9, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

There once lived three animals that were best friends: Tom (cat), Toni (tiger) and Hoggy (lion). Toni and Tom were very intelligent, but Hoggy was very impatient and could get manipulated easily. One day the three friends were wandering in the jungle together and they met a fox who acted very kind and polite to them and she was dressed up very well. The fox, Haita, said, “I know a place which is very cool and no one knows where it is except me. Do you want to go there?”

Hoggy said, “Yes, Yes! I want to go there. I can’t wait any longer.”

Then his friends said, “Okay, great then, let’s go there.” After that Haita took them to a very dark cave where they saw a tree which was talking. The tree said, “Tell me your wish and I will fulfill it.” Their wish was to be on the top of the clouds. In a few minutes they started jumping everywhere. Then they thought to take a nap since the clouds were so fluffy. During their nap, they started to hear different noises of monsters. Then they woke up and saw a lot of monsters in front of them.

Haita switched to a monster and said, “I tricked you and brought you here so the monsters and I can eat you! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Hoggy and Toni said, “We are not scared of you, and we will not let you eat Tom.” Toni went to take Tom to safety and told Tom to run away! Hoggy thought of a plan while Toni was saving Tom from the harsh monsters.

Toni returned and Hoggy told the plan to him: “Let’s run from the monsters and into the hole in the wall so the monsters will get hurt.” They used their plan and it worked, but then the monster got up again. Then they saw big stones and sharp rocks on the ground and thought to throw them at the faces of the monsters. Finally, one of the monsters died because the animals were throwing rocks at the monster’s face. Then Hoggy and Toni roared as loudly as they could and at last all the monsters got scared and ran away.

They went to Tom and said “We killed one of the monsters and the rest got scared and ran away. Now you are totally safe from all the monsters and we can live happily like before.”

Tom said, “I have never had friends who think about me before thinking about themselves except both of you. You are my best friends ever. You know that you are the only people I have seen who work together so well. I hope you will stay my friends forever because you are my best friends.”

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