My Summer Vacation
Nallely, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

One hot summer day we were preparing to go to the enormous beach. When I looked out my bedroom window I saw my mom feeding a mommy bird with small puffy chicks, and I also saw my sister jumping on the trampoline. My neighbors were screaming while they were getting wet with cold water that made them get goose bumps. I had a feeling that this was going to be the best summer ever.

My six-year-old sister is skinny, and she has black long hair. Her eyes are black, she has long eye lashes, and her skin is soft as a teddy bear. She wore a short colorful dress, and her eyes seemed to be saying, “It’s really hot out here!!”

While we were about to leave, my dad couldn’t find the keys. Everyone started to look for the keys. My sister was really frustrated because the hot sun was melting her down. My sister said to me, “I have a bad feeling that we will never find the keys.”

Then my mom said, "Can you pass me my shoes?"

"Yes, here you go, Mom."

"Thank you," Mom said.

"Wait a minute!"

"What?" I said.

"The keys are inside my shoes!"

“Alright!” said everyone

“Let’s go to the beach now,” said my sister.

When we finally got there, we saw that the beach was closed. Everybody got really angry because we did a lot of things to find the keys, and now the beach was closed.

Suddenly, my cousin said, "I have an idea. Let’s go to the swimming pools."

"Yeah, let’s go!" everybody said.

When we finally got there everyone was urged to get in the pool building. When we were inside, everyone went to the dressing room to change their clothes. When everyone was done we got in the pool. Everyone was enjoying the sizzling beautiful day.

My family and I learned that there are thousands of places to go have fun. The beach is one of them, but there’s other places like the pool, Water World, or Six Flags.

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