My Trip to Water World
Jhosmar, Age 11, Richmond, CA

Have you ever been to Water World? During the summer of 2013, I went to Concord, California's Water World, with my dad, sister and two of my cousins. After I finished packing, I sat down on my big brown bean bag chair to watch TV. When I was watching TV, I could hear my dad snoring. My dad’s snoring was as loud as a marching band. Although I was thrilled to go to Water World, I was unhappy because my mom was not going with us.

My dad is muscular and five foot nine. His hair is short, his eyes are hazelnut brown. His teeth are straight and as white as Santa’s beard. His nose is big. His skin color is light brown.

My dad woke up at ten o’clock, and he looked like a pig in mud. My dad took a shower, brushed his teeth, and put on a strawberry red stainless shirt and midnight black swimming shorts. It was ten forty-five a.m. when we left for Water World! There was traffic on the freeway because an Elmo red car was ignited. The Elmo red car was lit on fire because it was going lightning fast and crashed into the barrier! We did not know what happened because we left the scene.

It was ten fifty-three when we arrived at Water World! After we got in we rented a long large locker so we didn’t have to get two lockers. After we finished putting our stuff in, I went straight to Lazy River. Although the water was cold, I didn’t mind.
My cousin Miguel is as skinny as walking stick. He is four foot three. His hair is short. His eyes are hazel nut brown. His two front teeth are a little bit crooked, and his teeth are as white as a dove. His nose is small. His skin color is light brown. He has small lips, and he is ten years old.

After I came out of Lazy River, I met up with my cousin Miguel in a pool that has waves every five minutes. After we got out we went to the frog jump. After we got out of frog jump, we went back to the pool. We saw my sister Alma and Miguel’s sister Janice.

My sister Alma is skinny. She is five foot ten. Her eyes are hazel nut brown. Her teeth are as white as clouds.

Miguel’s sister Janice is chubby. She is five feet. Her hair is long and curly. Her eyes are hazel nut brown.

After we left the pool, we went to Lazy River. Alma, Miguel, and Janice thought the water was really cold. In the Lazy River, we were playing catch with a rolled up cyan blue shirt. In the middle of Lazy River, Miguel hit Alma in the face with the shirt. She was wearing glasses so her glasses fell. After we left we went to the lockers to get money so Miguel and Janice could get ice cream. Janice got dark creamy Reese’s Puff ice cream, but Miguel got creamy vanilla ice cream. After they got ice cream, we saw my dad. Alma and I asked my dad for money for ice cream. Alma got dark creamy Reese’s Puff ice cream too, but I got a full-of-taste root beer float. After Miguel, Alma, and Janice finished their ice cream, we went back to the car to eat.

My dad had packed sandwiches with pickles, lettuce, and jalapeño. To drink he brought Pepsi soda, mango, peach, and Sunny D juice. Miguel and Janice brought their own sandwiches; they also brought mango slices. They had tuna sandwiches. After we finished, we went back inside Water World.

Miguel and I took my dad to the frog jump, but my dad wanted to go on the waterslides next to it. There were two slides; one was purple and one was teal. The purple one was closed, so it was dark in there. The teal one was open, so you can see sunlight. All three of us went down each slide like ten times. In front of the purple and teal slides were two more slides. The slides were as white as blank drawing paper. One was open and one was closed, just like the teal and purple slides. The difference of the slides is the white as blank drawing paper slide drops you to like a seven feet pool. It is like a two feet drop. The drop is a thrill! After we left, we went to Lazy River, where we saw my sister Alma and my cousin Janice. When we came out of Lazy River, I wanted to go to Big Kahuna. I looked at Alma, and her eyes seem to be saying, “I’m not going with you”. Then I looked at Miguel, and his eyes seem to be saying “I’m not going with you either.” Nobody wanted to go with me. So we went to the bathroom to change. When Miguel and I finished changing, we went to buy candy. Miguel bought this two inch bubble gum, but I bought little squishy gummy food. When we left the candy store, we saw Alma and Janice.

Alma said, “Dad is waiting for us in the car,” and then Janice said, “Race you to the car.” We all ran to the car. Miguel, Janice, and I were neck to neck. Alma was wining. I went as fast as I could, but I couldn’t catch up. Alma won. No! I was second place, Miguel was third place, and Janice was third place.

On the ride home, we talked about all the things we did that day. It was eight thirty-three p.m. when we arrived back home.

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