Wonder of a Moment
Benjamin, Age 13, New Hope, PA

Wonder was a constant in my head. There was a cacophonous sound that seemed like a crane was ripping a skyscraper brick for brick. Yet, my thoughts died instantly in my head, filled with nothing but awe and amazement. I stood there, with an iota of thoughts, in Penn Station, with what seem like the whole wide world a few meager feet away. I unsurely ambled into the crowd, my uncle guiding me, as I was engulfed by the sea of people, unsure of what kind of place this was, although I knew it was a grand one.

We gently made our way to the door swaying to the rhythm of the people, like the Pacific Ocean on a brisk summer day, pushing through the people mind controlled by the corporate workforce. We got to the door. It felt like just an ordinary door, but I knew great marvel lay behind it. The hinge squealed as I clicked the door handle ajar. Exactly like a pop-up book, a whole city of buildings and streets, that seemed superfluous, unfolded right before my eyes.

As rush hour--an infamous, crazy time of the day--started to die out, I almost glided-- or at least it felt like it; it was one of those moments where your senses are king of fuzzy due to amazement--to a hot dog stand. It was run by a friendly man, or at least I thought he seemed friendly. Although the hot dog was a little greasy and not all that pretty, it was my first real taste of New York.

Everyone, no matter who they are or what they say, has some sort of wonder or question. For me even exploring a city for an entire day, nothing was as good as that one moment of awe. A whole day of great memories, but sometimes it is that one moment that beats them all. Wonder turned to awe in the eternity of a moment.

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