Beach Memories
Victoria, Age 12, Greenville, TN
                      Glimmering, shining
Rough, coarse, stinging
Sugary warm
Wet, dry
Muddy, pebbly, sinking
Smooth, gritty
White, black
Beautiful sand

Up ahead
The ocean
Rippling waves
A never-ending
Colorful curtain
Shimmering, twirling
In the wind
A whispering expanse
As if hushing a baby to sleep
Each coming wave
Gently caresses the rocks
On the shore
Then quickly rushes back

A seagull screams
Dives after a fish
Ripples circle
Creating tiny splashes
Tasting of salt and fish
Seaweed drags itself
After the seagull
Expelling its peppery scent

Swirling whirling
Dust devils evaporating
Into the skies
Wind dancing
Creating an ocean
Of its own
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