Best Friends
Ashvika, Age 7, Beaverton, OR

Once there was a puppy named Anastasia. She got lots of attention from her loving owners, Alyssa and Callie. Callie and Alyssa were sisters. One day Anastasia ran off and got lost. Callie never noticed, but Alyssa was very sad.

Only after Anastasia was missing for five days did Callie notice that she was not there. Both of them searched frantically through their drawers and closets, but they did not find the puppy. Finally they let go.

Meanwhile, Anastasia was having fun. Her first friend was a parrot. Together they looked for a coconut to play ball with. On the way they met a fox cub. His name was Mason. They asked him if he wanted to play ball with them. He said, “Yes.” Together, they looked for a coconut again.

“I am thirsty,” said Anastasia.

“Wait,” said the parrot.

“There is a well nearby. We can see if there is any water left,” said the fox cub.

“No, no,” said Anastasia. “It is okay. I can wait,” and on they went.

Finally, they found a coconut tree. To get the coconut, the parrot flew to the top with Mason in her claws. Next, the parrot, whose name was Precios, pulled on a coconut. It almost fell, but Precios swooped down and Mason got it with his mouth. Precios flew straight above Anastasia, Mason dropped the coconut, and Anastasia caught it. “We did it, we did it, we did it,” they chanted.

They also found another friend to play ball with. It was a cat. Her name was Hannah. She was shy and nice. Hannah had brought a branch so they could play baseball. Mason was the pitcher, Precios was outfield, Anastasia was umpire, and Hannah got to be the hitter because she found the bat.

As the years passed, all four of them grew to be best friends. When Anastasia was about thirteen, something exciting happened; she had babies, three of them. Two were boys and one was a girl. They were triplets. Hannah got to name one of the boys, Precios named the other boy, and Mason named the girl. The puppies were called James, Evan and Velvet.

Anastasia told her friends that they could visit them anytime. As Anastasia’s friends left they made up a song that goes like this:

Best friends always together
Best friends never alone
Best friends even when we are apart
Best friends deep in the heart
Oh! We are best friends deep in the heart!
You help me see my way through thick and thin – nowhere you go
When I think of you I am never lost and that’s how I know that’s how you show… (Best friends)

Anastasia and her children lived happily ever after.

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