The Big Surprise
Grace, Age 12, Doylestown, PA

As I bounced on the trampoline—springs dancing, scorching hot, sparkling black elastic—I heard yelling.

“Hannah, Grace, Emma come inside!”

Buckets of sweat dripped from our faces and our sore, tired legs as we dashed into the house. Gradually, we put our feet on the tile floor, enjoying the cold sensation, and misty touch. The feeling of putting your feet on the tile was like stepping onto the Arctic ice. I began to feel the cold rise to my body and cool me off. My mom suggested we go in the basement, which was fresh smelling, and the perfect temperature. Emma, Hannah, and I rushed down to the refreshing basement, and caught our breath. Suddenly we heard loud, heavy footsteps coming from the stairs. I saw my parents peek their heads out from the wall. However, I noticed my dad was holding a video camera, which was unusual.

“Gather around. We have something to tell you,” my mom yelled over the radio. My parents whispered something to each other. For some reason, it got really hot real soon. Again, sweat began to drip down our faces as we waited for the big surprise. I could only hear the faint whispers of my parents talking. We were about to explode with impatience when my parents looked at us and nodded.

They opened their mouth and bellowed in unison, “We are going to Disney World!” My younger sister and I jumped out of our skin and started running around screaming, jumping for joy, and hugging our parents. However, my older sister was staring like a lion stalking her prey. She was either in complete shock or she did not believe what was happening.

She proclaimed, “This is a joke. We are not going to Disney World. They are just joking.”

My dad explained, “Our flight leaves at 12:00 and we already packed for you, so hurry up and get ready.” I couldn’t believe we were actually going to Disney.

My dad yelled, “Come upstairs and get ready.” We ran upstairs as fast as a leopard. We rapidly checked our luggage our parents packed for us.

I could tell our bags were yelling, “Please, just let us be in Florida!”

I loved how when I was observing my bag, I saw a myriad new clothes. We hurriedly got our luggage in the car and we were on our way to the Philadelphia airport. We drove to Philadelphia and during the drive I was occupied by my family’s conversation. In an hour, we arrived at the airport. I remember having to wait two hours—motionless, long, never-ending hours—for the plane. I despised those two hours because it felt more like two days instead of two hours. The flight was long and boring. I could imagine the bright screaming- yellow sun, splashing in the pool, and meeting the Disney characters. Our plane flew at a slow and steady pace.

Our flight attendant spoke: “We are now landing. Welcome to Florida!” I could feel the ground beneath the plane. I got up and walked down the steep stairs of the plane. I knew we were in Florida—enjoyable environment, clear cloudless skies, and friendly people—I was thrilled. It was in that moment I realized that family fun is the finest of all activities. They try to make our life fun, entertaining, amusing, and I’m going to cherish every moment from bouncing on the trampoline to going to Disney with my family.

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