Cherish the Moments
Fiona, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

“Time for a walk!” my mother announced, flicking off the television. My sister Maddie and I groaned, feeling lazy and unwilling to go outside. Our tiger tent, warm and comfy, was propped up in the living room of our grandfather’s house, and we were perfectly fine staying right where we were.

“But Mommy, why can’t we just play with our tiger tent in here?” I asked quizzically.
She shook her head disapprovingly. “Because your grandfather would like to spend time with you, and it’s a beautiful day,” she stated firmly.

We moaned once more before swiping up our little strap-on sneakers and letting our dad put them on for us. My grandfather, or as we liked to call him, “Bob-Bob,” was waiting patiently at the door for us, his benevolent blue eyes twinkling and his snow-shite hair shining. Heart pumping, adrenaline itching, I met him where he stood.
“Ready to go, girls?” he asked us. More excited, we answered in unison, “Yes!”

We were just about to head out when I decided that I needed my pale blue plastic shopping cart to push around outside. Sliding it out from the corner where it once made its home, I contently rolled it over to the doorway. There was a slight nod from my mom, as if to ask, “Is that all?” and then we were off.

Maddie and I toddled outside, me pushing my cart and she with a long stick that she’d already discovered. We had decided that if we had to go outside, then the driveway was preferable. But our mother had made it clear that she was set on a walk. With little protest, since it had previously proven useless, I took the shopping cart in one hand and Bob-Bob’s large hand in the other and began the trek down the road.

As we walked hand in hand with Bob-Bob, the towering trees formed a canopy above us, patches of gleaming golden light streaming above us onto the pavement for what seemed like miles. From my view so close to the ground, the tree’s long arms waved at me as they swayed and ruffled in the gentle breeze. Delicate and small, the flowers were now bright and bold in their colorful hiding places. Surrounding us, I could hear the creek trickling over the rocks in the nearby forest. The whole world seemed to be practically glowing with life.

And that glow wasn’t only coming from my surroundings. My grandfather, tall like the trees, also radiated a warm, caring aura. He squeezed my doll-like hand in his, only reinforcing my wondrous thoughts of him. Turning my face to the sky, I was showered in daylight and an overwhelming feeling of warmth. But maybe that feeling wasn’t only coming from the sun.

Looking back on it, I can now see why my mother really had wanted us to walk with him. She, although sometimes harsh, had the right idea in mind. People like my grandfather come only once in a lifetime, and every moment should be cherished. I definitely know that moment was cherished that day.

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