Copious Fish
Kenny, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

Enticing blue building, clear intriguing windows, cream orange fish waiting to be observed like an inspector. The only thing standing between me and the fingerprint scattered glass hiding these fish is a gigantic line that holds all the excited people leading out the building and into the parking lot.

That building is the Baltimore Aquarium. My whole soccer team, all seventeen skilful players, were here to have a good time and take a break from the biggest tournament we’d had all year.

Muscles pulsing, eyes bulging, we slowly walked closer and closer to the aquarium. The line was slowly getting shorter, like a rabbit chewing on a carrot very slowly.

When we finally got inside, the decorative lights and mirror reflective fish in the shiny aqua water blasted us in the face like a cannonball, a gigantic, explosive weapon. We all jumped back with joy. As we recovered from the blow of excitement, we slowly walked into the first floor of one of the biggest aquariums in the world.

Surprisingly, I found out that the first floor was a gigantic pond the size of an ocean, containing copious fish mellifluously floating in the shiny blue water that was the base of the aquarium. It was obvious that we didn’t have a meagre amount of fish to observe. We then saw the escalators, the moving stairs of enjoyment, which led all the way up to the seventh floor. It seemed as if it took forever just to go up one flight. We would stand there for what seemed like an hour just to go up one flight As we were enjoying the fish floor by floor, my soccer team pointed out things that I never would have seen or known. I loved it when a teammate would delineate something that only people on our soccer team would know. Eyes peeled, brain overloaded, we went up each floor carefully. Amazingly, the aquarium slowly got bigger and bigger when it focused not just on fish, but birds and other mammals. Then we slowly went down the last set of escalators, like a skydiver parachuting form a plane.

Being at the Baltimore Aquarium was one of the best experiences in my life. Friends will always be there to make an event better that it would have been without them being there, and they can even teach you new things. It never would have been the same without my teammates being there. It seems that the memory has just faded into my closet of best memories like any other great one would do.

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