Mr. Mally the Cow
Jessie, Age 9, North Vancouver, BC

Once upon a time, in Cow Land, there lived a cow named Mally with his friend Mooey. One day, Mally moved into Mooey’s house, but they didn’t know that their neighbor was a snake, and that the snake was planning on taking over Cow Land and turning it into his very own kingdom!

One foggy day, the snake came out of his house and started to chase all the cows in Cow Land away! The only cows left in Cow Land were Mally and Mooey. Mally and Mooey were taking naps when the snake was chasing all of the cows away, so the snake hadn’t gotten rid of them yet. When they woke up, Mally suggested just going for a walk, and Mooey agreed.

When they got outside, Mooey asked, “Where is everybody?” Then they saw the snake building something.

“The snake must have scared everybody away!” realized Mally.

“Shhhh!” whispered Mooey. “We’ll get caught!”

“Let's go back and make a plan,” whispered Mally. So they went back to their home.
Right when they got to their house, the snake rushed in. But when the snake saw their fireplace, he screamed, “AHHH! FIRE!” and then he rushed out and he didn’t come back.

“I guess he is afraid of fire,” said Mally, and they got all the cows back and lived happily ever after.

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