A Day at the Movies
Angela, Age 11, Richmond, CA

It was a lovely summer afternoon when my mom, dad, brother, and I decided to go see the movie Blended. My mom checked to find out when the next movie started. I knew that going to the movies with my family would be a great afternoon.

We decided to go to the Century Cinema in Hilltop. I was mocking my big brother on the way to the movie theatre. I kept repeating and repeating his voice in the car, so he told me a hard tongue twister: “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.” I was too confused to say it, so I gave up. My mom told me how to say it, but my dad shouted out. He told us how to say the tongue twister, and he knew how to say it because he told me step by step.

When we got to the movie theatre, it looked big as a ship; the rafters looked big like sticks. It looks like cheese and purple cheese all over the rafters. My mom and dad paid for the movie, which was called Blended. The floor inside the movie theater looked like chips and pizza. Then, I went to go get some buttery popcorn. I looked at the popcorn; it looked like golden rocks. I also got a red and the blue Icee, and it looked tasty. I first tasted my buttery popcorn on my hands, and felt like if I was in heaven. I could smell the popcorn in the air. Then we went inside, and I started to go crazy as a monkey. A lot of people were in line. I felt that I was in a maze that I couldn’t get out. My dad, mom, brother and I waited in the line for twenty minutes. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it.

I finally made it to the dark room with a big flat screen T.V. When I got in, I found this guy that was lonely. He was a little sick from allergies. He sneezed really loudly, and all of the people said, “Shhhhhhhhhhh.” His eyes seemed to be saying, “I need my allergy pills.” The movie finished in like two hours. All of us went out into the hallway. I saw the guy that was still sneezing. I asked my mom if she had pills in the car. She gave me the pills, and I went up to guy and said, “Hello.”

He freaked out a little, but then he said, “Hey.”

“May I help you with your allergies? I’ve got some pills. Do you use this kind?” I said.

“Yeah, I have a water bottle,” he said.

I gave him the allergy pills; he took them and swallowed them along with water from the bottle. Finally he felt better and stop sneezing. I let him keep the pills, and he went off in his ocean blue Honda car.

I stayed at the arcade for a little while. Then I got out of the arcade and took off.

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