My Dream
Rachel, Age 12, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
                      I had a dream a night ago,
It gave me such a fright!
It was so terrifying,
I won’t sleep another night!

I was in a roller coaster,
It went whoosh, bang and whizz!
Then the frame caught fire!
Crackle, crackle, FIZZ!

The cars went creak and screech,
To my seatbelt I grabbed tight.
But it went clang ! Boom ! BANG!
And I fell that lonely night.

I went to the hospital,
Too late, I was dead.
Then: Creak! Boom! Bang!
I fell out of my bed.

Ouch! Scream! Screech!
I woke up with a bruise.
It hurt a lot and now,
All my dreams I want to lose!
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