Fish Invade!
Eric, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

I ran across the beach as the sand warmly toasted my feet and devoured them. This was a great time. I was in the Cayman Islands, on the beach adjacent to the hotel. I went into the water and felt the warm, cool sensation of the ocean pervade my body. I would swim out as far as I could, like I always did, I thought. As I bobbed along the surface, arms pushing, legs propelling, I noticed somethingóa fish, a particularly big fish, coming ever closer. As I looked through the crystal-clear water, I could see a cloud of sand produced by my foot begin to ascend in the water. The fish began moving. I saw its fin begin to propel it forward, moving left and right. I sat there, wondering why the fish would be swimming towards me. Would it eat me? No, it couldnít, I thought, or maybe it could, if it really wanted to. I was very young at the time and was convinced that anything could eat me. The fish began to come closer, with its shiny scales showing a glint of the sun.
Well, I thought, if it was going to eat me, then too bad. Before I knew it, it was there. I looked to see the thing that was attracting this superfluously stunning sea creature. It was sand. Why sand? I thought. The sand looked like fish food, which was in practically every single gift shop you looked in. Every one. I wondered, gears spinning, if I could attract more fish. I grabbed the grains of sand, some shifting through the gaps in my fingers. I dropped the sand into the water. The fish swam upwards to go towards it. What I saw next was truly amazing. I saw a shape go speeding by the coral. I saw the animal, an amazing sight reflecting the light from the sun, and I knew what it was. I was nonchalant about it, having experienced this before. The fish arrived at its destination ó me. After a lot of sand and a few minutes, I had what couldíve been a school circling around me. I was laughing hysterically, diaphragm spasming. Eventually, my mom, not an avid fish fan, came into the water and I, knowing this, bombarded sand near her. She didnít appreciate it at all, to say the least. I heard a shriek that meant she really didnít appreciate having the fish as company. The fish, over twenty of them, formed circles around us and were continually rotating expeditiously around us. My brother and dad joined in. Occasionally, fish would swim right towards us, and I would laugh when they would turn away immediately before hitting us or even brush their slippery, scaly skin against us. We even managed to take a picture of me with the fish in front of me so that it looked much bigger than it actually was. I couldnít believe how fun this was.

After a lot of sand was displaced, the fish started to depart. We gave them actual fish food after that, but most had already left. I wasnít morose then because I was still chuckling from a while ago. Never did I think I would be on the beach being surrounded by over twenty ever-circling fish. It turns out, there are so many new and unique experiences that you can have. That was one of the funniest and weirdest moments of my life. Itís the unexpected moments, the ones that arenít planned, that bring the most joy and happiness, because this unplanned moment was one of my best.

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