Four Seasonal Days
Zahara, Age 11, Charleston, SC
                      Bright flowers bloom dusting away the cold snow.
Roots snake through dirt and fertilizer below.
Lush green grass grows glossily gaining ground.
Red, yellow, green, blue, and violet all around.

The sun glows giving off a radiant red.
Books lay in the grass, waiting to be read.
Colorful umbrellas stuck in the soft sand.
Everybody’s already way too tanned.

Leaves descending to join family on the ground
The sky is falling! Red, orange, yellow, and brown.
The trees are bare, except for the bark-covered stem.
Now what once covered the trees is under them.

Snowball fights, snowmen, igloos, and a snowplough.
Cold, white, and fluffy, snow is a little slushier now.
Wool blankets and dancing fire keep us warm.
Flowers begin to grow, banning the snowstorms.
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