Back in the Game
Otto, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

It was 4-4 in the top of the 11th.The bases were loaded. The fans were screaming their hearts out hoping for the victory.

My family and I were on our feet pleading for this miracle to happen. I watched the pitcher pull his left leg back, starting his windup.

Then he came forward throwing the ball down. It zipped towards the batter spinning all the while. The batter began to bring his bat through the ball. The fans were frantic for the hit that had eluded them the rest of the night-the hit to win the game.

My family had just gotten to the ball park. The smell of hot dogs, pretzels, and cheesesteaks was wafting through the air.

The fans were ants as they blended through the massive crowds trying to find their seats. I sank my teeth into a cheesesteak -the salty, cheesy oil running down my throat-savoring the game. The game started as the sun was beginning to set over the city of Philadelphia.

I noticed the purples, oranges and reds, and I saw their beauty as they lit up the skyline. The roar of the fans as they chanted filled the city. The energy of the skyline soared and dipped like an eagle flying through the sky. It started off badly as the opposing team procured a three-point lead, but the emotions of the stadium began to climb back from despair as the Phillies slowly came back. With a point in the second and two points in the seventh, the Phillies suddenly were back in the game.

Then came the ninth with their last chance to score before the game went to extra innings. The visitors came back with a home run, the ball soaring out of the park on the fly. The ball blended in with the fans after a few seconds, but you could see its final destination because of the mob of fans standing up to try and catch the ball. So now this left the Phillies with their chance to score. The score was 4-3 and then, just like that, the first batter on the first pitch lifted the ball. It carried to the fence, but it was dropping. Would the ball make it over the fence?

This was the chance to tie the game, but the question was could the ball go over the fence. The ball continued its long arc, bouncing on the metal guard on the top of the wall then rolling over, tying the game. Could the Phillies end the game with one more run? The answer was no as the pitcher retired the rest of the side. The Phillies had come back though and now the game was going to extra innings.

My family was enjoying the game and we were bonding. I realized that family does not have to mean boring activities. The opportunity to win the game came back in the eleventh inning with the bases loaded. All we needed was a single to win. The crowd was cheering as the ball was thrown, rotating, zipping towards the plate. Mind whirling, I thought maybe we could win this game. I watched the batter bring his hand up first, the bat tagging along, through the ball. The ball hit the bat right in the middle and was sent flying with a crack. It went flying past the outfielders, who had given up on it, and it was gone way out in left-center field, winning the game with one swing. The stadium went wild, mouths screaming, bodies rising. I realized how happy I was that I was with my family enjoying the game and I thought about how much they meant to me. I felt the pitch black night absorb all the fun and cheering with my family from that day’s game.

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