Hard Times for Homeless People
Alex, Age 12, Richmond, CA
                      Beneath the freeway
Where I donít pay rent
Itís really not a house
Itís more like a tent

No roof, no doors
No water, no heat
No food in my stomach
No bread, rice, or meat

Sometimes I have a goal
For where to go
As I go place to place
To escape my black hole

Finding other shelter
Becomes a rat race
Iím forced to move out
Who can keep up this pace?

Carrying all my stuff
I canít take a rest
I need a new tent
So I can feel like a hotel guest

I canít give up
I need money to buy supplies
To get what I want
Some people are wise

When I hear people laughing
Why canít they stop staring at me?
Do they realize how being homeless and poor
Sometimes means asking and asking for money?
This happens more than once
Their hearts are full of greed
This can happen anywhere, everywhere
In this city
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