Dez's Journey to Be King
Will, Age 9, Westwood, MA

Dez was with his friend Oswald and they were standing right out by the gate of the King’s palace, when all of a sudden, the King’s guards were standing right there, armed, looking very suspicious. “How you dare come to the King’s palace!” snapped the guards.

“Pizza delivery. The King called me for two pepperoni pizzas,” announced Dez.

“Alright, go in, you devils!” said the guards. “

They let us go in, wow!” Dez and Oswald whispered to each other. They went down a long hallway and then they saw the King in a long robe and a crown. Dez was jealous.

“Get out you rats!” roared the King.

“But...but...” stammered Dez.

“Get them out, guards!” the King said with authority.

“Run for your lives!” shouted Oswald. They ran and ran until they did not have any breath left. The guards were right behind them. Dez and Oswald felt worried.

“How did you guys get here so fast?” asked Oswald.

“We have jet packs. Hahaha, we got you, devils,” said the guards.

“Where are we going?” muttered Oswald.

“To the dungeon!” declared the guards. So, they went to the dungeon. Dez and Oswald were aggravated and felt trapped.

Two years went by. Dez and Oswald were really depressed! “Oswald, we have been in here for TWO years and counting! I am really fed up! This is so tiring and annoying. Let’s come up with a plan to escape.”

“You know what, Dez? You got us both into this,” argued Oswald.

“We can both share this castle, if we get it,” responded Dez.

“Okay!” agreed Oswald with excitement. “Let us come up with a plan. Look around for something to help us get out.”

“Look, a shovel! Outside of the dungeon!” said Dez. “But we can’t get it!”

“Yes, we can!” said Oswald. “Get that stick for me. Get the shovel with the stick!”

“Great idea, Oswald!” They were now confident they would finally get out of this hateful dungeon.

“Start digging! Go, Oswald! Dig! We’ll switch off,” cried Dez. They dug for six months to get out. Finally, they were free! But again, the guards were right there.

“Let’s steal their jet packs,” thought Dez. So Dez and Oswald stole their jet packs and flew away to Dez’s house. They were relieved. “Quick, find a place to hide before the guards know where we are!” hollered Dez.

Back at the castle, the guards exclaimed, “King, we lost them!” The King was very frustrated with the guards.

“Alright, I’ve had it with them! Start a war!” roared the King.

So the guards found Dez’s house and shot their cannons. Then Oswald and Dez attacked again, again, and again. The war lasted five years, and there were a lot of bumps and bruises. It was a very stressful war. It all ended when Oswald and Dez shot the King with a jet pack right into space. Then they put the guards into the dungeon.
They pulled the stick and the shovel away. They were very relieved that the war was finally over.

They had a vote to see who would be the new King. Oswald and Dez both won! They were overwhelmed and very proud. They were both kings now.

They never found the remains of the old King. But they saw a little spot in the sky. They could make out a crown and a robe...

                                                       The End

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