Little Sister Blues
Grace, Age 11, Edson, AB

"La la la!" Ella shrieks, her voice ringing through the car.

"Be quiet!" my fingers tap my white and red soccer ball nervously. The last thing I need is annoying Ella to get me in a bad mood. Today is the day my soccer team, the Rifles, could get into Nationals, if we can beat the other team, the Tigers, of course. The Tigers are mean, rude and play rough. Rumor has it no one has beat them in three years.

I look out the window and spot girls in red soccer t-shirts, like mine, and take a relived breath. I`m not late—or super early.

I burst out of the car when Mom parks, and so does Ella.

"Sissy, do you want ta play-" Ella thrusts a doll in my face, and I trip over my own legs, right in front of the people walking down the sidewalk. I can hear some giggling, and my cheeks flush. I push Ella out of the way, water bottle and soccer ball in my hand, and jog towards my team.

"Okay, girls. Play your best today." Even Coach Dickson is nervous. My stomach suddenly starts to hurt, but I tell myself it`s just me being nervous.

The ref calls up Lizzie, our team captain. My palms start to sweat as I see the Tigers’ captain come up. She looks so scary!

Before I know it, the game starts. As usual, I am a forward. I get the ball quickly, and I jog up.

I`m beside the net, but I`m scared to shoot. The Tigers’ defense comes up to me and I know I only have seconds to decide.

"Sissy! You can do it!" Ella`s voice suddenly yells.

"Huh?" In surprise, I kick the ball, and it lands right smack in the net.

As cheers erupt around me, I realize having a little sister is not that bad.

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