Marigold Lake
Grace, Age 11, Edson, AB

Marigold Lake is the weirdest thing about my town. I have lived in Holly Dale for all my life, and if you had too, you would have heard rumors about the lake. You canít blame the rumors - the lake is eerie. Its dark blue waters always shine against the sky - even when it is not sunny. Ripples appear in the water even when no one is swimming in it. The sand is always littered with footprints - and some donít even look human.

It all started when I decided to go and explore the lake. Even though we live beside it, my mom always says I canít go, because it may be ďpolluted.Ē But I knew the lake was not polluted, no matter how creepy it was.

I walked out the front door easily - my mom is a deep sleeper. A hurricane would not wake her up.

My footprints sank in the soft sand as I walked across my front yard. Since we live so close to the beach, instead of grass, we have sand. It really comes in handy when you want to have a sand-fight with your annoying cousins.

The moonlight guides me as I walk towards the Lake, the soft ocean breeze hitting my face and billowing my hair back. In the night, the lake is utterly beautiful. Its waters shine against the stars like diamonds, its sand soft as silk, and here the stars shine even brighter. Itís like itís a fantasy beach, one that only exists in stories.

Suddenly, the mysterious ripples everyone talks about appear. Some close to the sand, others far back. I swallow nervously, my heart pounding. Whatís inside the lake - and why is it so bad?

Just as suddenly as the ripples appeared, a dolphin emerges out of the water, and jumps into the sky. I squint at the dolphin and realize, no. Thatís not a dolphin - itís a mermaid!

I gasp, but not too loudly. I donít want to scare them off. A mermaid suddenly pops out of the lake, and I canít help it. I gasp loudly.

Sheís even more beautiful than the lake. Her bright green eyes remind me of emeralds. Her face is flawless, and white as a sheet of paper. Her hair is a deep purple, and her lips a full red. She smiles at me, showing me rows of sharp, white teeth.

An idea pops in my head: I should get my camera and take a picture, and show everyone Marigold Lake is not as bad as they think it is. I run back to my house as fast as I possibly can, but when I return to the lake, the ripples and the mermaid are gone.

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