Paradise Once Roamed
Hailey, Age 10, Wallingford, CT
                      As I walk through soft grasses my eyes stare upon,
The most beautiful scenery that nature has ever drawn.
My eyes view surroundings as the sights are raw,
I gaze upon them with my jaw dropped in awe.
The spatter of color as the sun starts to set,
The dew on the grass as it's dripping wet.
The drifting pink clouds, the summer breeze,
The blossomed flowers, the green trees.
The smell of roses, the sound of life,
Not a single worry, not a sense of strife.
The sound of rushing water from a nearby creek
The feeling of health and not feeling weak.
The sight of heaven, the sight of relief,
Such a shame that this moment has to be brief.
The touch of the sun against my skin,
I feel my face being covered with a grin.
I pluck a dandelion out of the ground.
I run through the meadow as I skip and bound.
I blow the seeds away and watch them fly.
I witness them soaring into the sky.
The maple trees release their seed.
The tiny propellers fly. Who knows where they lead.
The sky turns dark. I start heading home.
But I always will remember the paradise I once roamed.
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