Picture of Love
Cedric, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

“Let’s take the picture,” I yelled. “Everyone in their place. Kids settle down and pay attention.” We posed and said cheese.

“Is everyone ready,” bellowed the camera man, like a lion who had just woken up.

* * * * * * * * * *

After I had woken up, I made sure I had everything I needed: clothes, shoes, snacks, drinks. Curious I pondered if I was forgetting something that I needed, or else I would have had a sad end to my day. At 8:00 my mom woke up and told me to get dressed so we could get on the road. I noticed that she was in a grumpy mood, so I went downstairs and made her a nice breakfast. Doing that fills your heart with a happy feeling that makes it want to dance around all day. When we walked outside, she kept looking back to the house. Then she said, “I think I’m missing something. Can you please go inside and check the counter.”

Legs pumping, breathing heavy, I ran all the way down the street back to the house. I got my keys, bright, shiny, that smile and jiggle every time they move. Looking, I found her sweater, blue-green like the ocean in the Bahamas, on the counter, and ran back to the car. While my brothers and I were in the car, we decided to listen to a sing-along CD to bring happy thoughts to our minds. So I pulled out the shiny doughnut disc and put it in. Singing, we pulled up to the store to take the picture. My mom told me to take my brothers inside so she could get everything else. Racing together, laughing, we made it into the store and sat down. When the whole family arrived, I volunteered to put everyone in their correct spaces so we could get started.

“1, 2, and 3,” I yelled. “Everyone stand still in their spaces.”

“Say cheese.”

“Cheese!” FLASH!

It was in the moment I realized how much I cared about everyone there: how much they meant to me and how much I wanted to spend every moment together.

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