Pumpkin Palooza
Este, Age 12, Doylestown, PA

I was with my friends, Alex and Emma, and my sister, Megan. I loved it when we were all together. Two caramel apples and two whoopie pies - creamy and savoury - one treat for each of us before we went on our expedition. There was one thing my sister forgot though: caramel apples attract bees!

“Ahhh!” screamed my sister, arms flailing, apple falling.

“Hahaha!” the rest of us exclaimed.

But not for long! Alex and I were the only ones laughing, after Emma got swarmed by a bee just like Megan. I wondered if all of us would ever go out like this again.

To avoid the bee, we all sat in the trunk of my mom’s pitch black Jeep, still laughing from the incident, and we fuelled up before stampeding to the fields. 

Orange splatters of paint on a canvas were laid out before our eyes.  Our laughter ringing and our smiles expanding, it wasn’t long before we all joined the picture! There were what looked like millions of pumpkins on the field: pudgy, slim, marked, battered, and flawless.

“Solly’s Farm has cool pumpkins this year!” shouted Megan, running towards the first pumpkin that she saw. This is what she says every year, I thought. Stunned, I realized it was already 1:00. Towards the end, I chose a twenty-five pound pumpkin, Megan had chosen two, and both Emma and Alex had one pumpkin like mine.

We all went home and carved our pumpkins into masterpieces all our own, at least more than they were on the field when we chose them. We put them all on display for the world’s eyes. It was then that I realized, while carving our pumpkins and making lots of jokes and comments, that the times I shared with my friends could be relived over and over in my memory. We took a second glance back, making sure that all our pumpkins looked good where we placed them, then all four of us ran off for the woods, ready for another adventure. I was with my friends, Emma and Alex, and my sister, Megan, but now we had this wonderful memory as well.

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