The Secret Spy Society
Dua, Age 12, Irving, IL

“There’s a package for you, Nicki!” my mom called out as I came downstairs.

“For me?” I asked in astonishment. No one has ever sent me a package before. “I wonder what it is.”

“Eat your breakfast first, and then you can open it.”

I carried the box to the kitchen table. It might have been big, but it was really light. As I ate, the giant box sat right next to my cereal bowl. I ate as fast as I could, then quickly took out some scissors and cut open the tape. When I finally opened it, there was nothing in it, just a piece of paper. What kind of prank was this? No wonder it was so light! Couldn’t they have just sent an envelope, whoever they were? I checked the return address. It didn’t say anything there. I picked up the piece of paper to see if anything was written on it. It said,

This piece of paper is private, and should stay private. Do not let anyone know you got this.

You have been chosen out of hundreds of individuals to be part of the Secret Spy Society.

Come to the Rainbow Path at 11:00 and all will be revealed.


The Secret Spy Society

What? Okay, now I was really curious. I checked my watch. 10:50. I could easily bike to the Rainbow Path within ten minutes, but should I go? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Unless this person was a kidnapper… Oh, well. It was the first week of summer, and I had nothing to do, so I guess I could go. Besides, I always wore a whistle around my neck, so I could blow it into the kidnapper’s ear if it even was a kidnapper. “Hey, Mom!” I shouted as I went to get my bike. “I’m going to ride my bike outside for a while, ‘kay?”

“Sure,” she said, without even bothering to look up from her book.

I hopped onto my bicycle and pedaled down to Rainbow Path, arriving there at 10:57, three minutes before we were supposed to meet. No one else was there, besides a few birds that were pecking at the ground. I guess this so-called “Secret Spy Society” hadn’t arrived yet. I sat on the wooden bench and looked around at everything, all the lush trees and colorful flowers, and all the wind blowing on my face. I just sat and stared at everything I’d never really paid attention to before. I closed my eyes and rested there. A few minutes later I heard some footsteps moving towards me. I checked my watch again. 11:03. Wow, they’re soooooo punctual when it comes to meeting people that they invited in the first place! And what if they aren’t the Secret Spy Society? What if this is all just a prank, or –

“Hello,” a voice from nowhere said. I turned my head and saw the person who spoke, along with one other person. They were both dressed as normal people, not like spies. “Sorry we’re late. There were some… complications.” When she said the word “complications,” she glared at the other person, who was a boy. He was wearing a red, black, and white striped shirt with jeans and black sneakers. The girl who had spoken was wearing a purple t-shirt with a yellow flower at the bottom-right corner, along with neon orange sneakers that matched her orange hair.

“It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t know it was going to explode!” the boy protested.
“Every normal person knows soda cans explode when you shake them!”
“Well, I guess I’m not a normal person!”

I just stared at the two as they kept passing insults to one another, as if I weren’t even there. It was actually pretty amusing to watch! As their argument died down, they once again realized that I was still sitting there, watching intently.

“Oh, um, sorry about that,” the girl said, blushing a little out of embarrassment. “Did you get the box that said to meet us here?”

I nodded and said, “You know, you could have just put that paper in an envelope instead.”

The girl looked confused and the boy started becoming really pale and kind of sweaty. “What?” the girl said as the boy slowly started walking backwards to hide behind a tree. “Didn’t you get the-“ She faced towards the boy, and he became so pale I thought there might not have even been any blood in his face at the time. “ NATHAN!” she screamed at him. “You forgot to put the safety kit in the box?”

“I’m sorry!” Nathan wailed, looking panicked as the girl stomped towards him, her face becoming redder and redder from anger. “I thought I put it in, I swear! I didn’t realize it until it was too late!”

The girl stopped walking and just sighed heavily. “You can be such an idiot sometimes, Nathan.” Then she turned towards me and said, “There was supposed to be a safety kit in there, just in case something happens while we are on a journey, but Nathan forgot to put it in.” Then she slapped herself on the head. “Oh, I forgot to tell you! My name is Gwen. Your name is Nicki, right?”

I nodded and asked, “What exactly is the Secret Spy Society? And why did you choose me, if you barely even know me?” Gwen smiled a mischievous smile and said, “You don’t know us, but we know you. Your name is Nicki and you’re twelve years old, like us! You like reading, watching T.V., playing games on your computer, and rollerblading.”

“But what’s the Secret Spy Society?” I asked again.

“Oh, yeah, that,” she said. “We basically save the world from its stupidity. I’ll tell you on the way to Nathan’s house, where we’ll get your safety kit.” She glared at Nathan again and pulled me along. I was in for the adventure of my life, and I didn’t even know it!

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