My Trip to Arizona
Jelvin, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

 It was a night in the summer of 2013 when my dad told my brother and me that we were going to Arizona. I saw my brother packing our clothes as fast as a cheetah because my dad told us that in five minutes he would come for us from my house. I also saw my brothers and sisters feeling sad because we were leaving. I heard my dad coming into our house to tell us that we were leaving. I smelled the tasty food that my mom made for us on the way to Arizona. I felt so sad like a baby crying because I was going to miss my family.

My dad is thirty-three years old; he is tall like a giraffe. He has black hair. His skin is like vanilla. He has brown eyes. He had blue jeans that look like the Pacific Ocean and a red shirt that looked like an apple. His eyes seem to be saying, “I am going to be sleeping on the way to Arizona.” When we were going to Arizona, my dad slept on the way, and I would have to say “Pa, Pa,” to wake him up. I was so scared, as if I was in the woods at night, because my dad almost crashed into another car.

I saw my dad and my brother sleeping on the way to Arizona, and I was the only one awake. I also saw cars passing by and big trucks too because we were taking a five minute sleep. I would hear my dad snoring and my brother moving and making noise. I could not go to sleep, so I would wake up and look around. It was so cold that I got my big beautiful blanket and wrapped it around me as if I was a sausage and the blanket was the hot dog bun. I was so tired that I slept for five minutes while my dad was awake.

On the freeway, my brother was sleeping and missing out the fun because we were looking at animals, like a camel. My brother is thirteen; he has brown eyes, and he has dark skin. He was wearing a gray shirt with khaki shorts. His eyes seemed to be saying, “I am going to be sleeping on the way and only wake up for food”

We got to Arizona and we went to the Dollar Tree because my dad was waiting for someone. I asked my dad if my brother and I could go get something to drink because it was so hot it was like we were on fire. The guy came with two other people. We went inside the car. He took us to the desert. We looked around and saw a big dog. I was scared, as if a black widow spider was next to me. The guy asked my dad if he could come another day to take a construction car to his work and try to sell it, and he said yeah. We were looking around while they were looking around. Then my brother and I went to the car and got our sodas. So we were on our way back.

Five hours later…

I saw the San Francisco Bridge. I also saw a homeless guy at a gasoline station asking for money; my dad gave me ten dollars to give to him. I heard people screaming to each other, saying bad stuff. I could smell the taste of the coffee my dad brought because it was so cold. I was so happy because we got to our house at like 12:00 am and we went to sleep because we were so tired, as if we had worked for seven hours.

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