Who Are They?
Ellen, Age 9 Coquitlam, BC
                      They are the most “awesomest” people in the world.
They buy me the prettiest clothing in the world.
They have an awesome sense of humor.
They are always happy about what they did.
He is always happy and cheerful. He never says anything negative.
She is very gentle, and always says something positive about what I do.
He can take me anywhere I want, and he makes the best food in the world.
She is very clean, and she is a great cleaner.
He was an office worker. He could sit in his cubicle, enjoy coffee, send emails, make phone calls and make lots of money. But, he decided to lift boxes, get dirty, and be poor just so I could live here.
She was a very special person in the bank. She received lots of money and awards, but she gave it all up just so I could live here.
Everyday, he wakes up when it’s still dark and come home very late. But if I smile, he is happy.
Everyday, she nags me so much that I almost hate her. But if I do great at school, she is happy.
Do you know who these very special people are?
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