Wishler the Wishing Pixie
Maryam, Age 9, United Arab Emirates

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Jessie playing in her backyard with her brother Justin and her friend Ashley. They were playing tag when Justin spotted something sparkly near the swings. Then he called Jessie and Ashley to come look at it. Right then a pixie flew up to Justin's face and said, "Hello, my name is Wishler, but most pixies call me Wishie, and I am a wishing pixie."

The three kids blinked twice then started running around frightened. After about two minutes of running and screaming, Wishie used his calming magic to calm the kids and told them that he could give them each one wish. Just not right then. He said he had to find his task and do it so he could grant them wishes.

Ashley said, "We could find it for you. Where did you lose it?"

"Right here in your backyard."

"Okay, but it is a tiny paper, so we are going to need magnifying glasses, aren't we?" Jessie said.

"Yes, we are. I will go get them" Justin said. When Justin returned, they started looking for Wishie's task. Then after a couple of hours, Jessie found Wishie's task and called Wishie. Wishie did his task and the kids got their wishes. Jessie wished for world peace, Justin wished for a phone, and Ashley wished for a new dress.

                                                   The End

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