Hard Work Pays Off
Sanjana, Age 12, Cary, NC

The looks of a black belt in martial arts can be deceiving, but to actually own one and tie it around your waist takes hard work.

It was Tuesday, 6 PM; the day of my awards ceremony, I put on my taekwondo uniform, tied my red belt around me and jumped into the car. It was my last time wearing the red belt. I couldn't believe that I had actually come this far. I even pinched myself a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I was, indeed going to receive my black belt today.

At my awards ceremony, it is a tradition to throw our old belt up in the air, before receiving our new belts, like in a graduation ceremony.

My parents delivered a speech about my taekwondo journey to this moment. Many of the people who attended the ceremony had helped me in some fashion to get me here to this milestone, and my parents thanked all of them on my behalf.

How did I arrive at black belt in taekwondo?

About three years ago, I started off as a white belt. I had been passing each promotional testing without any struggle but that ended when I came to red belt. I struggled to pass red belt to get to black for about six months.

There are four things you need to pass to qualify for the next belt: sparring, the form, breaking a board, and answering a few questions on the history of taekwondo. I could never break a board, and I failed two tests to get to black belt for that reason. I spent a lot of my free time practicing breaking the board, months before testing. I was determined to earn this black belt, and I did not give up. Later, when I went to test for my black belt for the third time, I finally broke the board, not only that, but I did my forms, sparring, and I even answered a few questions. Excitement arose in me because I was officially a black belt!

To celebrate, I went out for ice cream with my family and friends right after my testing, which took place on an early Saturday morning. Everyone was proud of me, including my parents, teachers, and friends. I still remember being congratulated by many of my closest friends who had been waiting for that moment. This is a memory that I will forever cherish.

I have worked very hard, and I certainly deserved the ice cream!

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