Home Alone with a German Shepard
Jesus, Age 10, San Pablo, CA

It was a hot sunny day in late August. The sky was dark blue like the Pacific Ocean, the sun was as yellow as a lemon, and the grass was green like fresh lettuce. It was 70 degrees outside, and it felt like if I was inside an oven. I was glad when I was going to my friend Edward’s house.

Edward is always faithful to me. He is four foot six feet tall and eleven years old. Edward’s hair is as black as ink. His skin is caramel brown. Edward has brown eyes which seemed to be saying, “I am glad to see you today.” He wore blue jeans and a striped shirt. Edward is very humorous. When he tells a joke, everybody laughs like wild hyenas.

When I was walking to Edward’s house, I heard birds chirping. The flowers were blooming. The sun was shining very bright; it made me blind for a second. When I knocked on his front door, I could smell the sweet aroma of apple pie. A split second later, Edward opened his front door.

“Hi,” Edward shouted energetically.

‘’Hi, I’m glad to see you too,’’ I said.

When I went inside his house, I told him about how I had to take care of my aunt’s German Shepard. When I asked if he could help me, he said that he already had plans for tomorrow. I asked him again, and told him that I needed help. He told me that he’ll help me as long as his dad says yes. After Edward’s dad agreed that we could take care of the dog Puffy, we went back to my house.

I asked my dad to take us to my uncle’s house, so we could take care of Puffy. Edward and I went to the house. We knocked on the front door, and my uncle opened the door, and greeted us.

My aunt is five foot three feet tall. Her hair is caramel brown. She is always full of compassion. Her green cucumber eyes seemed to be saying, ‘’I’m so glad to see you today.’’ When we walked inside, the first thing we saw was the dog Puffy. After she explained to us what to do, we drove to my house.

The first day Edward and I took care of Puffy was okay until the sun went down. During the night, Puffy became a wild beast. He kept barking and licking my face. After a month passed, we said goodbye to the dog Puffy and returned him back to my aunt.

On that day, Edward and I went back to my house and relaxed and played video games most of the day. 

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