The Day When Everything Went Wrong
Aisha, Age 7, Dubai

It was Tara’s photo day in two days. She was so excited. She was going to wear a nice dress and a lot of her favourite jewellery, like her favourite necklace and bracelet that she and her sister played dress up with. The day before her photo day, she picked out her dress. It was a nice white dress with pink, red, orange and yellow flowers.

Double Trouble

Right after she chose her dress, she played dress up with her little sister, Alli. They wore the necklace and bracelet, and when Tara went to the bathroom, her sister put green and blue ink ALL OVER THE NECKLACE!!

When Tara came back, she said, “No playing anymore. I have to finish my math homework”.

So she packed up the jewellery and went to study.

In the morning, her mom made her hair super bad. She made fifteen braids and put six bows on all of them. She put a banana crown facing left and right. She looked terrible. It was her photo day. Oh! And one more thing. Her body looked like the color of the Earth. It was green and blue because there was green and blue ink on her jewellery.

When she went to school, everyone looked at her because she was the only one with fifteen braids and six bows on each one, and a banana crown facing both ways, left and right. Her skin color was the color of the Earth. Oh! And she had a torn dress. A torn dress! She was furious.

Do I look nice?

She looked so bad. At recess she ran away from her friends because she thought that her friends would be laughing at her. Soon her friends found her.

One laughed, “Ha ha ha ha ha! Hoo hoo hoo! He he he!”

The other said, “You look AWESOME!”

“Yeah right,” said Tara.

“What do you mean,” said her friend Tasha. “You look GREAT!”

“Really, do I look nice? Maybe I look okay, but Cece looks way more nice, much cooler, and she has the best dress in the school.”

“Well maybe,” said Tasha, “but you look awesome.”

Would She Ever Get a New Friend?

During the next recess, she said, “I thought about it, Tasha, and I do look nice, don’t I? I even wrote a song about it:

“I look so nice
Yes I look so nice
I look even better than you”

“So do you like my song?” asked Tara.

“Of course I don’t like it, and do you know why? Because it is insulting me,” said Tasha.

“Of course it is insulting you. ‘Cause you look terrible,” said Tara.

“WHAT?” screamed Tasha.

“I….I mean you look great. You look great. Don’t be sad!” said Tara.

“You’re the worst friend ever. Oh wait a minute. You’re not my friend,” said Tasha.

Always Forgive

The next day Tara went to school and apologized as soon as she could.

Tasha forgave her and said, “Even though you insulted me, I still want to be your friend.”

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