The Dog at the Door
Ximena, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

On the cloudy and cold morning of November 17, Lily was at her house. The day began to feel like the holidays were coming. Lily is a ten-year-old girl with caramel candy color skin, and the youngest of her family. She looks small, but is sixty inches tall. Lily has long dark brown hair that flows to her waist. Her eyes seem to be merry reflecting her mood.

Her dad came home from his job. Lily’s dad has short brown hair, and the same color moustache. He is three inches away from being six feet tall. He is tan and looks fit. As the white family van was pulling into the driveway, Lily could see a puppy outside. She opened the door for her dad, but her dad was petting the puppy.

The air smelled like a wet stinky dog. The dog was a female and had light colored soft fur. Although Lily let the puppy in the house it was scared. Lily’s mom is a petite woman with white skin color that has short black hair that she always puts in a ponytail. Mom picked the name to give the puppy which was Lioness. Lily’s family does not have dog food for the puppy, so it had to eat eggs until they went to the pet store for some.

Lioness was sleep in her room which is the deck on the back of the house. Dad thought that Lioness was a good dog because she did not bark, but the next day she did bark a bunch. Lily’s sister Evelyn was excited to help her take care of Lioness. Evelyn is tall, with medium long chocolate hair. Her skin is the color of vanilla ice cream that made her look almost ghostly.

Lily and Evelyn gave a bath to Lioness because she was dirty. Lioness really needed that bath and she did not resist being scrubbed clean. Then entire family went to buy dog food for Lioness. Lily’s parents did not want to keep Lioness. However, Lily wanted to keep Lioness for herself, and she feels happy because the family finally got a new pet.

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