Helping Elders Cross the Street
Rito, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a delightful hot day in May. As my mother and I were walking home from school, we noticed an elderly woman struggling to cross a busy street with groceries. So mom and I helped the elder with her groceries. My mother got the groceries and I held the elder’s hand. All the people were honking and were angry. Soon we got to the other side. All the people waiting went as fast as a cheetah; they all left in an instant.

My mother and I told the elderly woman that we would help her out with her groceries all the way to her house. The woman told us that she lived two blocks away in a hotel. She told us that her name was Michelle. When we were taking Michelle to the hotel, we noticed a person getting arrested for trying to rob a bank. We knew that we should keep walking because it was really none our business. When we got the hotel, Michelle thanked us with all her heart. We told her that it was our pleasure.

As soon as we were done helping Michelle with her groceries, we left and went to get water at the local Walgreens. Later on when we were done with our water, we walked home. At that moment, I promised myself that when I saw anybody’s hair as white as paper, it would remind me of Michelle.   

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