Enchanted Christmas
Raga, Age 10, Plano, TX

It was December 25th, Christmas Day. The white snow covered the surroundings like a blanket. Prismatic lights lit the dilapidated houses up like candles. Delicate icicles hung from the roof tops. The appetizing aroma of steaming hot cocoa filled the air. Crouching next to the warm fireplace, I poked a marshmallow on a stick and slightly roasted it. Wearing my ruby red sweater, I glanced at the Christmas tree illuminated with jingle bells, pine cones, red ribbon, lights, and an astral gold star on the top.

A moment later, a high pitched scream rang through one of the houses. “Fire, someone help!” shouted a person. Ashen smoke filled the air. Orange flames covered the dilapidated house. Transfixed with anxiety, I clutched my white teddy bear and whispered, “I hope we’ll be alright”. Many people were hauling pails of water up and down the hill to reach the flame.

After what felt like thousands of hours, the fire was damped down by water and was gone. The commotion died away. Not even a single human being was in my view. All there was to see were snowflakes falling in the mystical night as the frigid wind howled like arctic wolves. The astral star at the tip of the tree seemed to glitter like pixie dust. Shutting the glass window, I laid my teddy bear on the bed and slept, dreaming about Santa coming on his miraculous sled full of presents. Next time, I wished that nothing could ruin the enchanted Christmas that we had!

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