Finding Giselle’s Dog
Nubia, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

August 31 was a beautiful day. The grass was green, the sun was shiny, the flowers were blooming, the sky was blue. Giselle asked me if I wanted to go to the park to walk her dog. I said ‘’Sure,’’ so we went to the park to walk her dog. Her dog’s name was Clinton. We went to walk her dog for a while; then we went to the swings. We tied Clinton to a pole. Seven minutes after, we went to drink water. We had left Clinton at the pole. When we came back, Clinton wasn’t there. Giselle was running around like crazy. We looked around the park, but we didn’t see Clinton.

The next day we looked around the neighborhood, but we couldn’t find Clinton. We put posters of Clinton at the park. A person called. We ran to answer the phone, but it was the pizza man. He said, ‘’Do you still want your order?’’ We said, ‘’OK, yes please.’’ Giselle got so mad she started walking around the whole house like a soldier.

We heard someone knocking on the door, so we went to check. It was the pizza man bringing our pizza that we ordered. Giselle was so worried: she thought it was her neighbor saying that they found her dog. Giselle started biting her nails and sweating. ‘’I hope Clinton is okay,’’ said Giselle.

Later that day, I called Graciela, Natalie, Melissa and Ximena to help us find Clinton. We all went to the park and tried looking for Clinton, but we couldn’t find him.

‘’I remember I put a collar on Clinton,’’ said Giselle.’’

You did?’’ said Graciela.


We kept walking around. Then, suddenly, we heard a noise in the bushes. We went to check, but it was a squirrel. Giselle thought it was Clinton; she was so excited.

‘’Why would you think Clinton got stuck in a bush for three days?’’ said Natalie.

We kept looking everywhere, but we still couldn’t find Clinton. We went to Giselle’s house and told her mom that we didn’t find Clinton.

Giselle’s mom said, “If we don’t find Clinton, we can buy another dog tomorrow.’’

“Okay’,’ said Giselle.

The next day we all went to the shelter to get Giselle another dog. We went where all the puppies were. Giselle didn’t find any she wanted until we heard this dog crying. It was Clinton! Giselle was so happy; she kept jumping up and down like a kangaroo. She was so glad we finally found Clinton.

“I will never lose you again,’’ said Giselle.  

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