The Forever Living Queen
Kasandra and Karinna, Ages 8, Fresno, CA

Once upon a time there lived a Queen in a far-away land. Everyone in the kingdom loved and obeyed her. The Queen had only one daughter-Princess Gabriella. The Queen had a secret she couldn’t share with anyone. The secret was how she was able to live forever without aging.

The Queen was ninety-nine years old and the most beautiful lady in the world! In one week she would be celebrating her 100th birthday. Everyone in the kingdom was invited to come.

The queen’s daughter was spoiled, selfish, jealous and very wicked. Princess Gabriella was waiting for her mom to die so she could become queen and rule the palace, but year after year her mom would not die nor age.

One day the queen’s daughter left the palace in anger and journeyed into the woods to be alone. After she arrived in the woods, she met a man who said he knew the secret as to why the queen could not die. At first, the princess got mad at him. Then she was confused.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

He responded, “I am a wizard.”

The wizard explained how he had met the Queen when she was twenty-five years old. “The queen was not born royal at all,” he said. “She was poor and lived near these woods. I placed a magical spell on her because she really wanted to become the queen. She loved the kingdom so very much. She wanted to help everyone, both rich and poor.”

“How can the spell be broken?” the daughter shouted! The wizard would not tell her.

The day finally arrived and the queen was a hundred years old! People from everywhere came to her birthday party. During the celebration the queen made a surprise announcement. She revealed her secret to her guests. She explained how she was tired of living and that she was ready to rest forever, but she couldn’t. With tears in her eyes and running down her face, she softly spoke, “The spell can only be broken when my daughter is ready to be a good-hearted queen who will love all citizens and be willing to rule the kingdom fairly.” Gabriella became extremely sad because she really loved her mother and she knew her mom truly loved the kingdom. She was convinced and agreed to change her evil and wicked ways.

Soon, the queen’s dream came true. Princess Gabriella promised to be kind and a fair queen to everyone. Her heart sincerely changed for the good and the spell was finally broken. At last, Gabriella was ready to be a proper queen who could rule the land her mother loved so much.

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