The Time I Helped My Grandma
Nathalie, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a lovely mid-August evening at the BART train station. The sun was shining, blue jays were chirping, and people were dancing to loud hip-hop music playing across the street. It was 90 degrees outside. This was the most exhilarating evening I’ve ever had.

I was waiting to pick up my cousin Melanie. She walked in wearing a beautiful bright blue shirt and pair of jeans. Her shiny brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail and looked like chocolate frosting. I could tell that she looking for me because her eyes were squinting and looking all over the place. When she finally spotted me, her eyes seemed to be saying, “It’s about time I found you!” She looked different. Although she looked like she was thirty, I’m pretty sure she was seventeen.

“Oh my, you look so different!” I confessed.

“A defective different or a desirable different?” she asked in a confused tone.

“A desirable different.”

“Wonderful! I’m so excited to see grandma!”

“I can tell.”

I hadn’t seen my cousin in two months because she went to LA to visit her dad. She just came back a week ago.

We decided that we were going to Macy’s to get a gift for our grandma. We walked through the aisle looking for long, elegant dresses. I found two beautiful dresses for my grandma.

The first dress was a silk black and white striped dress that flows down to your feet. The second one was a white cotton dress with glitter that also flows down to her feet. I decided to look for more dresses to make sure that there weren’t other dresses better than the two we had already found. I kept walking until I noticed a gorgeous tight black dress that goes down to your knees. I knew at that moment that this was the gift I was going to give to my grandma .

We finished shopping and headed back to our grandma’s house. When we got there, we walked up the steps to open her door, but suddenly stopped on the second step. We heard a loud scream and dropped our bags on the floor and ran towards the door to open it. Melanie opened the door and ran inside. I went in after her. Melanie and I started yelling “GRANDMA! GRANDMA!” We couldn’t hear anything when we got into her house. Melanie ran to the kitchen while I ran to my grandma’s bedroom. I opened the door and saw my grandma lying on the floor.

“GRANDMA!” I yelled while standing at the door.

I immediately ran towards her. I noticed that her shiny black hair covered her face. I put my hand on her chest and felt her heart beating as fast as a race car.

“MELANIE! I found her!”

Melanie suddenly ran into the room and saw me holding Grandma.

“Oh my!” said Melanie.

A few minutes later our grandma started waking up. Melanie and I just stared at her.

“What happened?” Grandma asked us in a confused tone.

Melanie and I just stared at each other.

“I don’t know, Grandma, but right now I think you need to get some rest.” I told her.


“I’m also going to call your doctor to make sure everything is okay”

“Okay, his phone number is in my purse.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back”

I went to the kitchen to check if her purse was there and it was. I looked through her purse and saw her phone book and opened it. I flipped the pages until I found her doctor’s phone number. I grabbed my phone and started to dial the digits. On the second ring he picked up.

“Hello, Mrs. Ruiz, what do you need?” he asked

“Hello this is Mrs. Ruiz’s granddaughter”

“Ok. Is there something you need? Is this an emergency?”

“No, I just wanted to say that my grandma fainted and I wanted to know if she is okay?”

“Well, she might have fainted because she got dehydrated. Is she awake?”

“She’s getting some rest in her bedroom right now.”

“Okay. For now just give her some water, and if she faints again, give me another call.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I hung up the phone and went to the kitchen to get water for my grandma. I filled up a large glass with ice and went to my grandma’s bedroom. When I got there, she was asleep, so I left the glass of water on the nightstand. I left her bedroom and went to the living room.

Melanie left thirty minutes later, so I decided to start cleaning my grandma’s house. I even did her laundry. I finished cleaning the whole house in three hours.

When my grandma finally woke up from her nap, I cooked her favourite dinner.

“Thank you so much for cleaning the house and taking care of me.” She tells me.

“You don’t have to thank me, Grandma, because I love to help you.”

She looked pale and tired.

“Grandma, you should get some rest - you looked tired,” I said to her.

“Ok, goodnight.”


Although she told me goodnight I went to check up on her to check if she was sleeping, and when I walked in the room, she was watching “Nuestra Belleza Latina.” I didn’t do anything except watch her tv.

A week later my grandma felt much better. She keeps thanking me for what I’ve done for her. I have no problem taking care of her. I’ll always be there to help her.

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