How I Helped My Neighbor, Henry, Break into His House
Erik, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a warm morning in the summer time. I was eating cereal in my kitchen. Then at the window I saw my neighbor Henry. He was outside opening is door. I went outside to see what was happening.

“What’s going on, Henry?” I asked.

Henry said, “Please help me, Erik. My key is in my house, and I forgot to feed the cat this morning,” he said.
I responded, “Okay, I’ll help you, Henry.”

Henry slowly walked back. “If the front door doesn’t work, I’ll use the backdoor.”

Then I grabbed a paper clip and turned it into a pointy needle and jammed it into the door knob to open the door. There was another problem: the cat woke up and her stomach was growling for some tasty cat food. I was pushing the door really hard to open it. I pushed the door once more to open the wooden door. Whenever I push the door, I’ll push the door really hard with all my force.

Then I was turning the pointy needle in the door knob and pushing the door. Next the door opened, and I pushed the door really fast so that Henry could give the cat food. Henry said, “Thank you, Erik, for pushing the door fast so I can give food to my hungry cat.” Finally, I went to my house and loafed on the couch and watched T.V. Eventually, the cat had babies, two male cats and one female cat, but he sold them.

Then, one year later, my neighbor bought a young bulldog. My neighbor came back from work. The next thing I knew, he discovered that he'd forgotten the house key again, and his dog was alone in the house. I walked to Henry to talk to him. Although I ran a little, but I was still walking.

I asked, “Henry, your key is in your house?"

And Henry said, “Yep, this again, but this time my dog is alone in the house.”

I didn’t bring the clip again. So I had to either break the door or smash the window. If my hand or foot was injured, I’d call 911.

My choice was smashing the window. I shattered the window with my fist to get Henry inside the house. The dog thought that I was a criminal. The dog grabbed my leg and he wanted to chew on it. Henry took control of the dog. Henry saved my life. I thanked Henry and left. And there was another problem. The dog just ran away. “If he runs really fast, I can’t catch the dog,” I said.

I ran to the street and the park. At the park I saw the bulldog with other dogs, but the bulldog stared at a cat and ran toward the cat. I caught the bulldog and walked with the bulldog.
I took the dog to Henry and said, “What is your dog’s name?”

“I named him Runner because he runs fast,” Henry said to me.

After all that, I loafed again on the couch in my cozy big house.

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