In or Out
Giselle, Age 10, San Pablo, CA

When I woke up this morning, it was a sunny day. You could smell the bakery baking bread. You can also smell the neighbor’s baking donuts.

Later that morning, I called Nubia and asked her if she wanted to go to the park. She responded, “Okay I will be there.”

When I got there, I rang the doorbell. Nubia came out as fast as she could. She was wearing a pink lemonade dress with some bright red high heels; her hair had bouncy curls. We headed to the car.

When we came back from the park, she was looking for her keys, but she did not find them. We tried to get in through the windows, but they were locked. I had no other choice but to call Melissa, the construction worker.

Melissa was looking for a way in, while Nubia looked stressed. All she thought was, “Am I going to get my car keys and go to school?” And if she didn’t go, she was going to get expelled.

The air got thick and the clouds turned black The neighbors’ pit bulls were barking. All the neighbors were staring at us.

Melissa found a way in, but she needed a humongous ladder. We called the fire department, and so we waited for them, but the problem was that they took about an hour and a half to get there.

The day was almost over. We were starting to get hungry. Finally, when we got in, we got in to the wrong room.

“Oh no,” Nubia said.

Nubia rented a room to a teen named Giselle, but the good thing was that she wasn’t there. Nubia found her keys under the carpet. We went to eat. When we came back, the door was open. We didn’t know why, but when we got in we saw that the teen was inside. She had everything decorated red, black and white. She was wearing a short red and black dress and big black high heels, her hair was curly and bouncy, and she had decorated with red zebra print. We were hiding to see what she was doing. She brought out sushi plates and wine; she also brought out a fruit basket. She started cleaning the house. When she was done, she called this guy named Joey. We went to hide in the back of a plant . Joey came in with a big cake. We thought that he was her boyfriend, but he just left the cake and he left.

All of a sudden a lot of people came in - even Melissa and all of Nubia’s friends. But everybody was waiting. When Nubia came in she tripped, and then everybody yelled out "Happy Birthday!" and her eyes seemed to be saying, "What is going on?"

Giselle said, “It’s your birthday! Don’t tell me you forgot about it!”

Nubia said, “With everything that happened, I forgot.”
Everyone said, “What happened?“

Giselle said, “I hid her keys under the door and locked all the windows and told you to eat. And to take the long way to get here. And, well, Happy Birthday.

Nubia she said, "Thanks. The sushi was delicious.”

“Wait till you taste the cake,” Giselle said.

“The cake looks so extravagant. I wonder how it tastes?”

Everyone got a piece of cake, and there was a lot left, so we gave everyone two pieces. We were about to open the presents when all of the sudden a big present arrived at the door. Nubia was about to open the presents when Alexa came in and said, “My present first!” At the end of the day she stared to chat with her mom and told her what happened. Her mom just started laughing

She said, “Oh mija, Happy Birthday.”

Well, now you know what happened.

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