Leaves All over the Place
Wendy, Age 10, San Pablo, CA

On a beautiful late summer afternoon, I daydreamed while sitting near my kitchen window doing my homework. I was hoping I could go to bed and fall asleep like a baby. As I finished my homework, my dad came home from work wearing a loose black pants and a white short-sleeve shirt. He’s 5’7” tall with eyes as brown as maple wood. When he walked in, he told me to get a shovel and a broom and take them to the front yard. Then he went outside and brought out our large green trash can to the long leafy lime green grass. As I stood next to him to see what he wanted me to do, Dad began to sweep and pick up the leaves from the ground. When I saw him do this, I began doing the same thing.

When we were half way done, he got a phone call. Although I was trying to hear who it was and what they were discussing, I had no idea what they were talking about. I just kept picking up leaves.

My dad’s eyes seemed to be saying, “Move the pile of leaves forward towards the fence,” so that’s what I did.

As soon as my dad stopped talking on the phone, he told me that I was leaving a bunch behind. Then, he took the broom away and showed me how to do it. That’s when I started to get the hang of it.

My dog, Beauty, is a Chihuahua, white with brown spots. Beauty is really serious and lazy. Every time that I try to train her, she never does what I ask her to do. It seems as if she always says during her trainings, “What? I’m supposed to do that?” All she can do is take her pillow and drag it outside underneath the sun to rest on it. However, if I ever take her outside, she starts acting really crazy because she doesn’t like to be told what to do.

When we were almost done with the raking, a coffee coloured black dog, who is three times bigger than Beauty passed by my house. Although she is pretty small, Beauty has some good lungs because she barks as loud as twenty dogs barking at each other. Then, the black dog started whining as if it were a hungry baby. The black dog’s owner had a tea cup Chihuahua that is the size of a mouse. It was just standing there as if it were saying,” Why is she barking so loud?” As soon as the dogs left, Beauty went next to the refrigerator to rest.

When we were done cleaning the leaves, my dad went to bed, and I had to finish my homework. After I was done, I went rushing to bed and I fell asleep like a baby.

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