The Lost Chihuahua
Brenda, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a beautiful day in July. The flowers were blooming, the grass was green, and the sun was shining like a bright light.

I invited my cousin Paola to play outside with me. She is in 8th grade, and goes to middle school. She is about ten inches taller than me. She has a brother who goes to 6th grade, and they look just like twins.

While Paola and I were playing outside, a puppy came to the backyard. It was a Chihuahua. It was a light brown color and had black licorice eyes. It was so adorable with those big black eyes, but its paw was injured.

The puppy wasn’t afraid of me or my cousin Paola, so I picked the puppy up. I asked my parents if they could take us to a veterinarian, so they did. When we got to the veterinarian’s office he said “The puppy is going to be all right.” When we got there the vet helped the puppy get cured. Soon she was ready to go.

The puppy didn’t have an owner, so we kept the puppy and named it Becky.    

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