Finding My Neighbor’s Lost Dog
Jannely, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a windy, gloomy day in the middle of summer in July. Cars were beeping; neighborhood dogs were barking. I was at the neighborhood street with my friends and my brother, when I saw my neighbors leaving. Then the dog was crying like a baby screaming for its mommy, or like a monkey that wanted his banana.

When the dog was jumping near the fence, it crawled through the hole. The dog got out and it was running away. The dog had gray and white spots, and he had blue eyes. Then I tried to catch him, but it was too late.

Then I got one treat. I saw him coming back. I got him, and I stayed with him till his owner came. The dog dug in the dirt to make a hole. His eyes seem to be saying, “Play with me.”

I took the dog, and put him in the back yard. I played with the dog. Then my brother came, we played with him, and we had so much fun.

My dad came and he mumbled, “Why is there a dog here?”

I said, “It’s the neighbor dog. He got out because he was by himself. He was crying.”

My dad said, “OK.”

Then my brother, my dad, and I played with the dog. If the dog had really left, the neighbor would have been sad. His owner came and I went outside to give him the dog.

The neighbor said, “Thank you.”

I said, “You’re welcome, and your dog was like an angel.”  I added, “Whenever you need help, just call me and my brother, and we will take care of it.”

He said, “Ok - and the dog’s name is Choeto.”

I said, ”That is a nice name.”

He said, “Well, thank you for getting my dog.”

I said, “You’re welcome.”

And I left to my house and the owner left to his house.

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