The Night I Helped a Friend
Allan, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

One gloomy night in June, while watching television, its light stung my eyes like bees. Once in a while I had to turn around to clear my vision. Every night I would hear one or two ambulances and police cars. I never felt secure when I heard them. I would also hear long, heavy footsteps with the sound of doors being pounded on with force.

No one else was with me in the room, I was a lonely boy at home. Some say Iím short for an eleven-year-old. I have light coconut brown hair that stuck out to my skin but blended with my moss green eyes. My skin was close to khaki. I had a black shirt that fit me right and baggy black pajamas. Every time my mom came in she would look into my eyes that said, ďIím bored so Iím watching television.Ē Except this time she said that a co-worker got locked out of her house and that we needed to help her, so we went out in our car.

My mom was driving slowly and carefully because we were near the edge of a cliff. When we got out of the car, I noticed a goldfish through a window. Then I noticed Meddi, the locked out co-worker. She didnít respond the first time I tried to talk to her because she was listening to music on her phone. Although the song had my attention, I noticed a girl close her curtains so nobody could see her fish. I thought she could be helpful later.

We went around and made our way to the back door. We were surprised to see it open. When my brother opened the door completely he said there was a locked metal blocking the entrance. While my family was talking to Meddi about staying with us for the night, I went to talk to the girl with a gold fish. I knocked on the window and she simply saw me there.

She opened the window gently, probably being scared and careful. Before she could say anything I told her about the situation I was in, then she gave me a back scratcher and she told me to use it to open a window. Then she left. I opened the window, put it on her window sill and told my family about what I did.

We then started to crawl thought the window and noticed a light switch. Meddi turned the lights on, then we detected the keys on a nearby table. She grabbed the keys and opened the front door. She thanked us, we left, went home, and stayed up late.

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