Planting a Garden
Martin, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was an early spring Monday morning when my cousin Tony and I decided to plant a garden at his house. As we got started, we gazed at chirping bluebirds flying over us under a scorching sun. The first thirty minutes felt like hours with all the heat, so we eventually took a short break and got right back to work.

Later that day my cousin’s neighbor Fernando came over to help us. He’s as tall as a twelve-year-old giraffe. However, we had a small problem. We only had one rake and one shovel for three people.

“Where do I start?” asked Fernando.

“You can start by planting the seeds” I said.

“I agree, help him plant the seeds so we can finish faster” explained Tony.

Although Fernando and I worked at a fast pace, we knew it would take us all day to finish. Suddenly, we heard a noise behind a bush nearby. It was a puppy munching on freshly grown strawberries. Tony immediately ran into his house and put some dog food in a bowl for the puppy to eat. The puppy gobbled up the food and ran away as quick as a cheetah.

The last thing we had to do was water the plants, but the hose we were using ripped. So, we had to carry big buckets of cold water. The water we used was to water the plants. We fertilized the garden before playing soccer. We finished around 6:15pm, and we wanted to play soccer for a while, before Fernando had to go to dinner.

When we finished playing soccer, and we decided to play wall ball before it got too dark. We played about for thirty minutes then Tony asked us if we were thirsty, but I said I wasn’t.

A few months later we picked the yummy vegetables. 

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