Taking Care of My Little Cousins
Lizbeth, Age 10, San Pablo, CA

It was the middle of June during a blazing sunny afternoon in San Pablo. I was watching my favorite TV show, The Walking Dead, when I heard somebody banging on our front door. As I opened the door, I saw my cousin Isabella wearing a slim pink shirt with black pants. She wore wavy, long, dark chocolate hair. She was talking fast and sweating like a fire sprinkler.

“Quick! Come to my house! Now!’’

I sprinted to her house down the street like a meteor. Isabella told me that her mom was taking a shower. She also told me that her baby brother Angel was crying. She asked me if I could help her.

‘’Should I call my mom?" said Isabella.


I said “no” because her mom would get out the shower and be worried. I went to the baby’s room, and the baby Angel was crying like thunder. Although I gave the baby a bottle of milk, he kept crying and crying. When I put the baby into his crib, he began to cry louder, like a rainstorm was about to begin.

Then her little brother Eddy walked into the room. ‘’I’m hungry,” he said.  We weren’t really paying attention to him.

A couple of minutes later, her mom was still taking a shower, while her little brother Eddy was making a mess in the kitchen. Isabella and I were in the room singing songs to baby Angel. Then he finally fell asleep. It was a relief to me and Isabella. We got out the room and went to the living room thinking that her little brother Eddy was there. We went inside the living room and her little brother wasn’t there.

So we said, "Probably he’s in the kitchen.” We went to the kitchen and her little brother Eddy was there. There was a mess in the kitchen and it smelled like a dumpster. We asked him what happened. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes seemed to be saying, “I didn’t do it.”

‘’If you don’t want to get in trouble, help us clean up,’’ Isabella and I both told him.

Meanwhile, baby Angel was sleeping, and my aunt was still taking a shower. We were scrubbing the floors and wiping the table. We were like crazy monkeys jumping around. We left the kitchen spotless, as though there were diamonds sparkling all around the kitchen. After cleaning the kitchen, we went to the living room to watch TV.

While we were watching TV, my aunt came out of the bathroom and said, “Hi.” I said “hi” back. Everything looked the same. My aunt was wearing a pink bathrobe with white slippers, and her hair was like a wet mop. She went to her bedroom to change and sleep.

“Teamwork always matters,‘’ we all said with a big smile while watching TV.

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