The Time I Helped Two Dogs
Natalie, Age 11, San Pablo, California

It was a beautiful shiny sunny Sunday in April here in San Francisco. Flowers were blooming and there was a little bit of wind outside. I was in my room watching TV until my parents said, “Natalie, dinner’s done. Come eat.”


So I went to eat and drank my water, and then I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

The next day I went to school and when it was evening I took a walk and I saw a big truck. In the truck was a lady and her dog. The dog was a huge brown pit bull, and it looked like they were going to move next door to my house. The movers were carrying a sofa, clothes, mirror, chairs and tables. I went to my house and said goodnight to my sisters.

So weeks passed and the lady’s house had a beautiful green grass in the back of her house. The dog was in the back for three weeks. It was named Paco.

One day I was at my house doing my homework until I heard some dogs barking and fighting. I went to the lady’s house and I said, “What’s your name?“ The lady said her name was Lupe and I told her my name was Maria.

“Maria, is there something wrong you want to tell me?“

I said, “Yes, your dog is barking and fighting with your neighbor next door.”

She said "Okay," but her eyes seemed to be saying, “Who is this?”

“Let me go check.“ she said, but she closed the door. I knocked again at her door and she never answered. I think she thought I was a pest.

The next day when I finished eating my waffles I went to Lupe’s house I knocked on her door again and Lupe answered, so I told her, “This is me again, Maria. Can I go see your dog?”

She said, “No you can’t, sorry.”

I asked why, and Lupe said because she didn’t want me to see her dog.

So I went to Lupe’s neighbor’s house. I told him, “Hey my name is Maria. I just came here to tell you that your dog is barking and fighting with the dog next door.

He said, “Yes I hear my dog barking but I don’t see it fighting with my neighbor next door.

I said, “I saw them fighting,” but he said he didn’t and told me to leave.

I said, “Okay, I understand.” He closed the door and I went to my house.

I went with a vet and I told him that there was a lady’s dog that barks a lot and fights with a dog next door. He said he would go to their houses and talk to the owners. I said, “ Come with me. I’ll show you where they live.

First I knocked Lupe’s door. Lupe said, “This is you again?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “And who’s this person?”

I said, “He’s a vet.”

Lupe said her dog was not sick, but I said we needed to find out why he was barking and fighting. “The vet needs to check what is happening with your dog.”

Lupe said, “Fine, he can check my dog,” so the vet went to check.
He said “The problem is that he doesn’t like the dog next door, and you don’t give him very much food and water.”

Lupe said, “Wow, I didn’t know what was happening to you, Paco.” The vet told Lupe that she needed to talk to her neighbor, and Lupe said she would. Lupe and I said thank you so much to the vet for coming. He left and I went to my house.

After a short while, I woke up and ate breakfast. Then I knocked on Lupe’s door, and I asked her, “Are you ready to talk to your neighbor?”
She said yes, so Lupe and I knocked on the neighbor’s door. When he opened it, I told the man, “Hey, this is Lupe, your neighbor. We came to tell you that her dog doesn’t like your dog.”

He said, “ Okay, I am going bring all the food and his water into my house because if I leave him outside again he is going to fight with your dog.”

We said thank you, and then went for a walk. It was a sunny day and the grass was always beautiful beside the streets. Then Lupe and I said bye to each other and we left to our houses.

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