The Adventure Girls
Caelyn, Age 7, New Westminster, British Columbia

Hi, I’m Lily. I’m one of the Adventure Girls. I’m fourteen years old. This story is how I met the other girls. At least how I remembered it!

I was on an airplane, The Toadstool. The stewardess walked by with some drinks. I bought a bottle of Sprite. Then Angela walked by; she’s thirteen years old. She said “Hi, is this seat free?

I said “Yes,” and she sat down beside me. I told her my name was Lily. Then Emily, who is twelve, came and we moved over.

We talked and laughed, then I asked where they were headed, and guess what? They all said “Africa!” We would all be staying in the same hotel. I thought we could all be friends, but I didn’t tell them, not just yet. When the airplane landed we all rushed out and went to find the hotel!

When I woke up Sunday morning I went into the living room to see if the other girls were up yet. Angela was, so we chatted a bit. When Emily finally got up, she yawned and we all went to get some tea. Then I told them, excitedly, that we should have an adventurer’s club. We all agreed it was a fabulous idea. We would travel around the world together, always on the Toadstool plane, or by the cruise ship, Cat Leap.

On Monday, we all decided to go to the beach. We brought Emily’s canoe, Angela’s paddle, and my life boat, just in case we wanted to go out deep into the ocean. By the way, since I live in Hawaii I spend a lot of time on the beach. Here is a secret that I already told my new best friends. I’m a mermaid!

When we got to the beach, we threw in the canoe, and stepped into it. I leapt to the attached life boat. When my feet touched the water, immediately, I turned into a mermaid! I dove into the water, and with my friends watching, I did three back flips, then leapt into the life boat, splashing the two girls.

“That’s some tail you got there,” Emily joked.

“Cool tail, Lilly!” Angela said, as she started row again.

We swam for about two hours and we went out for dinner. We packed up all our bags. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant. There were lots of Christmas decorations, lots of yellow and red lights.

We sat down at a three person table, and drank from three silver goblets. Our table had a bright red silk table cloth, and stood on sturdy legs. We enjoyed some delicious wonton soup, and dumplings. After, we went home and watched two TV shows. When I went to bed I thought about what we would do tomorrow.

On Tuesday, Angela told us she wanted to some new shirts, and dresses. We all agreed to go shopping. On the way there we passed three people, in bright emerald green cloaks! They were huddling near a stop sign. They all wore Aquarium name tags, but none of us noticed that.

“That’s strange, its not every day you see people in cloaks like that,” said Emily curiously.

“Especially since it is hot out,” Angela added. As we walked farther up the path I tried to make out the words they were saying.

“Mermaids are not real!” bellowed a tall man with a British accent.

“But kind sir,” a woman protested, “my daughter saw one on the beach just yesterday! She was with two other teenage girls.”

“Little girls are a disgrace, they don’t know what they see!” replied the man evilly.

Frozen to the spot I shot a worried look toward my friends! Nobody was supposed to know my secret. I told my friends, “I’ve heard of people in Africa who wear green cloaks and work in an aquarium!”

By Wednesday we had forgotten all about the people in green cloaks. We were ready for another adventure, this time to Smugglers Cove! We packed our picnic towels and sunscreen. We called a cab to drive us there. We thanked the driver and set off.

We found a picnic table, and took out our lunch; I had a ham and cheese sandwich. When we finished, we headed toward the opening of the cave. Inside it had cool damp walls and seaweed everywhere.

Just then, a group of teens rushed past us. They shouted “look out for the ti...’, but we couldn’t catch the last word. The sound of the waves drowned it out. But Angela seemed to know what they had said. Quicker than a flash she was gone, leaving Emily and I stuck in the cave!

When the water touched my feet I again turned into a mermaid! The waves washed against the walls of the cave. We could hear faint voices coming nearer. Suddenly, a net tumbled down on us! “I told you, mermaids are so real!” someone shouted.

“Dodge!” Emily shouted, over the crashing of the waves. But it was too late; the net fell over both of us!

Then every thing went dark! When I could finally see, I was in a shining blue pool with Emily! I closed my eyes. I was in an aquarium. I brought Emily up to the surface so she could breathe again. She gasped for air and said, “Where are we?!”

We were still in the aquarium on Thursday, the day the woman was going to show us to the tall British man, her manager. We were nervous. Then suddenly I had an idea, “Emily? I said, do you think if I went on that rock, over there, I would turn into a human?

“I don’t know, but it worth a shot,” she answered. I quickly jumped out of the water, and the instant my feet touched the rock I was a human again.

When the manager of the aquarium came he bellowed, “That is not a mermaid that is a human! Can’t you tell the difference?!” He ran and grabbed his net.

Using the net, he threw us back into the ocean. Emily and I both got out of the sea. We walked all the way home, where Angela was waiting for us. We told her all about what had happened to us.

And so that’s the story of how the Adventure Girls met!

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